Do you need to talk?

Do you have difficult decisions to make, or seek guidance on the next step in your life?

Full Potential Counselling will help you build confidence and skills to live to your full potential.

Kieran’s calm, warm, and non-judgmental counselling will enable you to open up and feel truly heard, in a safe environment.

Kieran will support you to recognise your own abilities and resources, so you can resolve your issues, or make difficult decisions.

Kieran can help you explore your problems and potential solutions.

You are the expert in your life.

Kieran’s role is to be your companion and guide in your journey toward your preferred future. 

Kieran draws upon her knowledge, experience, and skills in Person-Centred Therapy, Trauma-Informed Practice, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and Narrative and Somatic therapies. These include Art Therapy, movement, mindfulness, and aligning the mind and body in exploring issues.

Kieran’s work also draws upon research in neuroscience, trauma, and developmental/attachment issues.

Because one size doesn’t fit all.

Kieran’s approach would be unique to your needs and situation.

Counselling may include learning and making sense of what has occurred, or it could involve movement, creative arts, fun, and humor, especially for children and young people.

For Couples

Where couples seek counselling, Kieran may use couple and family systems approaches, and/or collaborations, where Kieran counsels one partner and a colleague counsels the other partner, with the potential for both partners to be counselled together.

For Individuals

For those who want to live and work more confidently, we can start with resolving issues that hold them back. We would work on the greatest areas of challenge and build a new way of seeing oneself,  and we often build insights into living and working in difficult relationship dynamics and help heal trauma. As a result, clients express feeling stronger and freer to be their best selves.

Although Kieran works with people of varied ages and backgrounds, she has particular strengths in working with women from adolescence onward.


If you find that you are struggling to feel good in life and achieve what you want, counselling can help.  Counselling may be of help to you if you find yourself asking:

  • What will help me feel better?
  • Why do I experience difficulty feeling okay?
  • How can I make changes to feel better?
  • Why do I find it hard to regulate my emotions and /or thoughts?

That depends on what you want to gain out of counselling. We clarify what you are seeking and then go from there. Everyone is different so what we talk about depends on you, your situation, your preferences and your needs.

But often the counselling involves helping you get clear on the issue, and what you would prefer to be happening. We often discuss the dynamics of relationships and help build confidence and strategies to resolve issues. We clarify what gets in the way of resolving problems. If relevant and appropriate, we can work on past issues and trauma if and when you are ready, and in a way that feels safe for you.

In our counselling sessions we may use talk therapy and/or we may use elements of somatic therapies. The counsellor uses her own methodologies but they are based upon elements of Person-Centred therapy, psychoeducation, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Trauma Informed Practice. Somatic therapies may also be used. These methods focus on working with the body mind connection, and include art therapy techniques, movement, role play, imagination activities, and elements drawn from somatic experiencing and sensorimotor psychotherapy.

We work together as a team, so we will use the methods that work best for you. You will never be expected to do something that you are not comfortable doing.

We prefer to talk to you by phone initially to discuss whether Full Potential Counselling is the right service to meet your needs, please call 0403 196 347.
If we are not the right service for you, we will help you to consider/find a therapist who may be better suited to working with you

Usually an hour is allotted for our counselling sessions with individuals. But for the first session, there is usually a lot to discuss so the initial session is usually an hour and a half long.

All our counselling sessions with couples or groups would usually be an hour and a half long.

Sessions may run over time sometimes but if you absolutely need to finish on time please let your counsellor know, and we can make sure we finish on time.

Yes, if after your initial phonecall to Full Potential Counselling, it is clear that Full Potential Counselling is the right service to meet your needs.
If we are not the right service for you, we will help you to consider/find someone who may be better suited to working with you.

It is often useful for couples to have some individual counselling sessions before or alongside couples counselling. The counsellor often works collaboratively with another experienced and skilled counsellor to each help the individuals separately, so that they can then come together and get the most out of their combined couples sessions.

Significant issues which affect one member of a family can also involve stress for other family members, so Full Potential Counselling recommends that other family members also receive counselling support. This can help to deal with the dynamics effectively, and can help in reducing stress and finding ways to maintain wellbeing.

Currently clients are invoiced after each session, with all of the payment details. We ask that you pay by either direct deposit, or Pay ID.

For NDIS clients, invoices can either be provided to the client or another designated third party.

Unfortunately the Australian Government does not provide subsidies for Full Potential Counselling’s services. The counsellor has a Master of Counselling (among other qualifications), but Mental Health Plans only apply to psychologists and some social workers.

Currently certain AHM and Medibank Private health funds pay small rebates for some of Full Potential Counselling services. To clarify what you are entitled to claim please contact your health fund.